Project origins

What led to LTGC projects?

  • Thestral: "Is oblivious user authentication possible?"
  • Nightglow: "Ugh the official Cloudflare WARP client is so crappy and I don't need that much functionality anyways!"
  • Scope: "No existing meshed WireGuard orchestration fits our needs!"
  • Octavia: "Can I make a better MIDI visualizer?"
  • shx: "I hate Node.js but I need something like npx."
  • SynPix: "Emulated screens bundled in Octavia need a libre bitmap font."
  • MIDI DB: "Why isn't there readily-available multi-standard MIDI data sheet?"
  • Hyacinth: "JS projects should be built faster!"
  • Painted Palette: "What if I made a better headless bot?"
  • WingBlade: "Can I make the same codebase run everywhere?"
  • (unnamed): "Let's build a clean, lightweight and ad-free boardgame experience!"
  • Linen: "Wanna run an r/place replica of our own?"
  • Cubics: "Want a convenient diagram generator for Rubik's cube-like puzzles..."
  • Raven: "I don't want to relearn a keyboard layout to type in another writing system."
  • (unnamed): "Wanna optimize Minecraft?"
  • Rosegap: "Daily Dose of Pony needs an ad system."
  • Ink Stone: "Will SynPix ever be released as font files?"

Where did names of projects come from?

Author Work Project Notes
Bucking Nonsense Cooking Roach Rochelle
Dee Pad A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Daily Scoop
drFraud Accepting Change Patchwork
ItchyStomach Shed My Skin Mint Mint Flower (Split Horizon)
Jigsaw Cambiare Octavia Cambiare
Lauren Faust My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Berry Berry Punch
Ditzy Ditzy Doo (Derpy Hooves)
Eclipsed S02E04, Luna Eclipsed
Heartstrings Lyra Heartstrings
Inkwell Raven Inkwell
Raven Raven Inkwell
Rosegap Roseluck
Twinkle Sprinkles Twilight Sparkle
Random_User A Swift Message Graceful Lattice
Ink Stone
Swift Message
Starscribe Fine Print Rosegap Spark Gap (Tracy, or "Tracing")
Thadius0 Shifting Melodies Painted Palette
Scope Scope Lens
WingBlade Midnight Song's wing blade
Wanderer D The Three Sisters Acari

Project inspiration hiearchy

  • Project Moonlight (Media)
    • Heartstrings
    • Octavia
      • Cambiare
      • Ensemble
      • Hyacinth
        • shx
      • MIDI DB
      • Snowy
      • Swiftbook
      • SynPix
        • Ink Stone
  • Project Lilac (Translation, localization and linguistics)
    • Noitieng
    • Raven
  • Project Weaving (Networking and isolation)
    • Floaty
    • Nightglow
    • Patchwork
    • Scope
  • Uncategorized
    • Acari
    • Berry
      • Bread
    • Citrus
    • Crystal Quartz
    • Daily Scoop
    • Ditzy
    • Domain DB
    • Flex
    • Flitter
    • Graceful Lattice
    • Inkwell
    • Leaflet
    • LiteBlock
    • Mint
      • Flame
    • Minuette
    • Painted Palette
      • WingBlade
        • Eclipsed
        • Rochelle
        • Stratus
        • Twinkle Sprinkles
    • Patchwork
    • PonyTrails
      • Gel
        • Iceflakes
    • Rosegap
    • Seperatist
    • Silk
    • Thestral