state.mjs API

All constants and interfaces documented here are guaranteed to work, and very likely not subject to further changes.


MIDI modes

Octavia is compatible with a range of modes on MIDI synthesizers. A list of supported modes to their respective keys is available below.

  • ?: The default "nothing" mode. Octavia will try to detect the correct mode.
  • gm: General MIDI mode.
  • gs: Roland GS mode.
  • xg: Yamaha XG mode. Compatible with TG-100 and TG-300.
  • g2: General MIDI Level 2 mode.
  • sd: Roland SD mode.
  • mt32: Roland MT-32 mode.
  • ns5r: KORG NS5R mode. Compatible with NX5R, and has limited compatibility with KORG N1R and N5.
  • x5d: KORG X5D(R) mode. Compatible with AG-10.
  • 05rw: KORG 05R/W and KORG X5 mode. Compatible with AG-10.
  • k11: Kawai GMega and Kawai K11 mode.
  • sg: Akai SG mode.
  • krs: KORG KROSS 2 mode.
  • s90es: Yamaha S90 ES mode.
  • motif: Yamaha Motif ES mode.

MIDI event types

  • 8: Note off
  • 9: Note on
  • 10: Note aftertouch, a.k.a. polyphonic aftertouch
  • 11: Channel controller change
  • 12: Channel program change
  • 13: Channel aftertouch
  • 14: Channel pitch bend
  • 15: System exclusive message