Command line

The Windows build does not ship with a helper like ./palette-bot . As such, please replace ./palette-bot with node node.js or deno run --allow-read --allow-write --allow-net deno.js .

With Deno or Bun, if you need to specify custom proxies, define the https_proxy environment variable (e.g. https_proxy= There are direct proxy integrations available on Linux and Android, which can be used by replacing ./palette-bot with either ./palette-proxy for public proxy pools, or ./palette-tor for Tor.

Environment variables

  • BIND_ADDRESS: Define a bind address. Do not include ports.
  • HTTP_PROXY: Used by Deno and Bun to connect to upstream proxies.
  • HTTPS_PROXY: Same as above. Must be the same as HTTP_PROXY.
  • NO_UPDATE: Set to 1 to disable the automatic updater.
  • PORT: Set the port PP listens for REST API calls. Used in ./palette-bot ctl.
  • SLEEP: Set to 1 to behave as if ./palette-bot ctl sleep is run.
  • TEMPLATE_URL: Customize the pointer URL.

./palette-bot help

Prints help messages.

./palette-bot paint

Deprecated and not recommended. Paint on Reddit with given credentials.

Format: ./palette-bot paint <username> <password> <otp>


  • Direct login: ./palette-bot paint myCoolName myGoodPassword
  • Direct login with 2FA codes: ./palette-bot paint myCoolName myGoodPassword 114514

./palette-bot pixel

Removed. Paint on VKontakte with given credentials.

Same format as ./palette-bot paint.

./palette-bot test

Deprecated and not recommended. Paint on the test server with given credentials.

Same format as ./palette-bot paint.

./palette-bot batch

Start a batch mode server for account management, complete with Web UI and REST API.

Since version 0.0.16, manual mode became the default - pixel placements require user interaction, and only a single account is allowed.

Format: ./palette-bot batch <port>

./palette-bot ctl

Send commands to a running batch server. Define the target port which the batch server listens on with the environment variable PORT.

Format: ./palette-bot ctl <subcommand> <...args>