📜 Bash/PDKSH shell action executor. A replacement for npx, deno task and etc.

All actions for shx should be written for Bash.

Supported shells

  • AT&T ksh93
    • Directory traversal does not work on ksh93 due to incorrect IFS behaviour.
    • Cannot be used as a runner.
  • Bash
  • Zsh


shx [<action> [<arguments>]]

Scripts will be run with Bash when present. If not, they'll be run with any supported shell.

Standard utilities

shx comes with a collection of QoL standard utilities.

  • amend: Update and amend the current commit, then push to remote.
  • build: A placeholder action for projects using shx to build themselves.
  • commit: Create a new commit, then push to remote.
  • echob: Printing bold text in the terminal.
  • push: A combination of shx build and shx commit.
  • release: Bundle build results into an archive. Configurable (upcoming).
  • sh: Spawn a Nix-powered shell with all development dependencies met.
  • tag: Tag the current commit, then push the tag to remote.
  • which: Fallback for environments not offering a which command.