Track me, senpai!

Exploiting reverse psychology to convince people switch to privacy-friendly browsers. Uses a combination of server-side detection and cookie storage.


Just deploy the page and the appropriate detection method.

Server-side detection

Server-side detection should not breach any privacy law, as the visitor is already supplying every possible information to the server.


header Accept-CH "sec-ch-ua-full-version,ua-full-version,sec-ch-ua-full-version-list"
@chromeVictims {
	header "Sec-CH-UA-Full-Version-List" *Chrom*
	not header "Cookie" *track-me-senpai*
	not path /track-me/*
@otherVictims {
	header "Sec-CH-UA" `*"Google Chrome"*`
	header "Sec-CH-UA" `*"Microsoft Edge"*`
	header "Sec-CH-UA" `*"Edge"*`
	header "Sec-CH-UA" `*"Opera"*`
	header "Sec-CH-UA" `*Arc*`
	not header "Cookie" *track-me-senpai*
	not path /track-me/*
redir @chromeVictims "/track-me/?src={uri}"
redir @otherVictims "/track-me/?src={uri}"

Client-side detection

Client-side detection may breach privacy laws. It will be developed if requested.