Content Inclusion


Silk will attempt to merge public timelines on all servers listed below.


The following instances have posts' content warning set as-is.

CW by default

Due to differences of the server rules, all of the following instances have posts' content warning enabled by default to comply the moderation rules.

Excluded instances

  • Pone.Social ( (removed due to incorrect configuration on the instance)

Requesting instance inclusion

We're open to include more instances to the list. If you host an instance which satisfies the following criteria, please contact us to have your instance included. We will assess before the final inclusion.

  • MLP-themed
  • Not a roleplay instance
  • Not supported by advertisement

Manual account inclusion

If your account isn't on any of the instances listed above, and said instance isn't mainly for the MLP community, you can follow the hook account to get yourself included manually. The hook account may also follow some accounts to have the same effect, mainly when said accounts do not have the ability to follow anyone (e.g. Equestria Daily).