Timeline Moderation

To grant as many members in the MLP community a pleasant experience as possible, we are enforcing a series of moderation rules on the merged timeline.

The rules are set on the basis of least intervention. They may change without prior notice, but we try our best to keep everyone notified.

Account exclusion

Accounts matching any criteria below will be excluded from the merged timeline altogether.

  • Nearly always advertise presence on other platforms without mingling on the Fediverse
  • Vent account
  • Promotion of self-harm
  • Promotion of hate speech, incl. racism, xenophobia, etc
  • Owner involved in harming of other individuals
  • Regularly not putting materials unsuitable for minors behind content warnings
  • Having no connection to the MLP fandom whatsoever

Instance auto-CW

Instances that permit accounts with the aforementioned criteria will get put behind content warnings by default.

Instance auto-CW exemption per-account

If you are on a server with content warning automatically enabled in the timeline, you can exempt yourself from the auto-CW status by following the hook account, as long as you follow the following rules. However, matching any criteria listed before will get your auto-CW exemption status revoked, or even entirely excluded.