Lightingale Documentation

Welcome to the documentation hub of the Lightingale Community. See the sidebar for the list of documentations available.

To see a list of active projects not included here, feel free to visit the project website for the whole list, or GitHub pages host for projects hosted on GitHub.

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For shorter descriptions, see Lightingale Services List.

  • Lavender: Reddit-like Fediverse instance for the MLP fandom and LTGC.
  • Liquestria: Invite-only semi-anarchy Minecraft survival multiplayer on mixnet.
  • Matrix services: Managed Matrix bridges and more.



  • Gel: ⛏ Rolling server bases, batteries included.
  • Hyacinth: 💨 Build web projects with speed.
  • Iceflakes: ❄️ Offline Linux installer images for everyone.
  • Nightglow: 🌙 Yet another Cloudflare WARP client wrapper.
  • shx: 📜 Bash/PDKSH shell action executor.
  • Stratus: ☕️ JavaScript runtime containers (Deno, Bun, Node.js).

Data sheets

  • midi-db: 🎹 Data concerning MIDI standards.
  • Raven: 💨 Lightning-fast intuitive typing.
  • SynPix: 👾 The open pixel font for embedded LCDs.


  • Ensemble: 🎶 A synth framework in Rust.


  • Floaty: ☁️ Prevent Caddy loopbacks... Without traceability.




  • Berry: 🍇 Simple port exposure tunnel for stream entropy manipulation.
  • Bread: 📦 Unified framework to stream binary in blocks.
  • Crystal Quartz: 🎨 A colour palette generation system.
  • Ditzy: 📬 Reconstruct stateful sockets over stateless messages.
  • Eclipsed: 🔊 The Royal Canterlot Voice for SSE/EventSource.
  • Ink Stone: 🖼 Modify font files with ease.
  • Inkwell: 📒 The grand central terminal / Le grand terminal central.
  • Leaflet: ⚠️ Stock Caddy error pages, free for anyone to use if kept credits.
  • Lightfelt: 🕸 A collection of JS snippets for the Web and Deno.
  • Mint: 🌱 Easy-to-configure load balancing serverless functions.
  • Minuette: ⏳ Intercept, inspect, orchestrate.
  • Octavia: 🎻 Event-driven multi-standard MIDI state-tracking library.
  • Painted Palette: 🎨 Painting palettes, one pixel at a time.
  • Parchment: 📃 Mark-down based client-side page generator.
  • Rochelle: 🔪 Stream chunk splitting.
  • Rosegap: 🌹🌙 Pleasant ads without compromises.
  • Scope: 🔭 Easy-to-setup WireGuard meshing.
  • Silk: 🕸 Bringing the fandom together.
  • Snowy: ❄️ The BroadcastChannel polyfill for Firefox 29+ and Chrome 5+.
  • Track me, senpai!: 🍑 Just giving thanks to your visitor sharing their everything with you.
  • Twinkle Sprinkle: 📜 Task wait signals and simple WAL.
  • WingBlade: ☁️ One codebase, multiple runtimes.