Matrix services

Lightingale Community has been hosting Matrix services for ease of communication, ever since the community's early days in 2021.


We run a Synapse homeserver for hosting all of our bridges and for internal communication. Only members of the Lightingale Community can apply for accounts on the homeserver.


As long as adhereing to the Acceptable Usage Policy, members on our homeserver can freely use any of the bridges we host.


Managed bridges to the following platforms are offered by us.

Group chat

The following bridges support both group chats and direct messages.

Direct message

The following bridges only support direct messages.

Known issues


  • Due to some unknown bug in Caddy, requests with bodies larger than 1000 KiB will be cut off by Caddy without emitting errors. This will cause some media messages fail to upload, and in turn, get bridged.
    • This is an issue plaguing all of the web infrastructure within LTGC for quite some while now.
  • Animated stickers on certain platforms may only get their first frame be bridged, due to varying media codec support on different platforms.
  • Double-bridged replies may not work on certain platforms.
  • The bridge may become unresponsive when overloaded. You can help us relieve this problem via donations!


  • Reactions aren't bridged from Telegram.
  • The Telegram bridge suffers from downtimes caused by Python, the underlying runtime. It has to be manually rebooted.
  • The Telegram bridge will randomly become unresponsive for no other reason than the underlying Python runtime.
  • Bot messages from Telegram cannot be bridged to other platforms, per Telegram's restriction.
  • Senders from other platforms cannot be transparently bridged to Telegram, requiring embedding their display names as message content.


  • Due to Discord validating time-sensitive HMAC codes on attachment URLs, media from Discord cannot be bridged currently.
    • This was fixed on 27th March 2024, where a combination of active and passive media proxying was deployed.
  • Some of the animated stickers were vector images encoded in custom-defined JSON files. As a result, none of the services other than Discord recognizes them.

Bridging service

FLOSS projects

If applied and approved, we will offer free bridging services to the approved FLOSS projects.

MLP fandom communities

We offer free bridging services to the approved communities within the MLP fandom after approval.

Not-for-profit entities

We offer free bridging services to not-for-profit entities after approval.

Matrix media repo services

Active Discord media proxy

As Discord began requiring expiring HMAC validations on media attachments, the Discord bridge now switches to an active proxying approach, before reuploading/re-serving re-encoded optimized media attachments becomes viable. Files delivered via this new approach will be served at

Passive Discord media proxy

Due to MSC3860 being unsupported on homeservers without conformation of the Matrix 1.7 specification, homeservers will not recognize, the public redirecting Discord media repo. To circumvent this, we offer a custom cached Discord media proxy at instead for use of bridges, however it will likely be shut down to public access if we notice it getting abused.

After Discord implemented expirations on media attachment links with HMAC validation, the media proxy now only serves non-attachment files, like avatars, stickers and custom emojis. Since passive media proxy is less costly to run than active media proxies, it's used whenever possible.