Silk is an attempt to unify timelines of the MLP fandom on the Fediverse. It is achieved by merging all public timelines of instances with Mastodon-compatible APIs, and accounts that followed this account if on other instances. To avoid stressing tracked servers and accounts, WebSocket and SSE connections are utilized whenever possible, with caches enforced.

By bringing the MLP fandom on the Fediverse together, we attempt to make the Fediverse an appealing place for bronies and pegasisters alike, without any grip from a commercial entity. Find interesting people, discover content creators, anything is possible.

Don't know what Fediverse is? In laymen's terms, it's a cluster of inter-connected servers supporting a semi-decentralized social network. It has no single controlling entity, rendering takeover attempts happened to the blue bird impossible. But those are just words, why not join the Fediverse to experience it first-hoof?

Don't know which server to join? A list of servers is available here!

  • Inclusion: What's included in the timeline, and which server to join.
  • Moderation: How we moderate the merged timeline.
  • Usage: How to use Silk Web.
  • API: How to use Silk API.

Technical implementation

The list of servers to merge timelines can be customized, while moderation on specific users are implemented with existing Mastodon features. Accounts muted by the hook account are excluded from any self-service exemptions, while ones blocked by the hook account are excluded from the timeline altogether.

Hook accounts

The primary hook account is used for storing moderation information. Other instances usually do not need a hook account to be set up to read the local timeline.

Not every instance has its public timeline open to everyone though. As such, additional hook accounts are required on these instances.

Below is the list of hook accounts.

Open Source

Silk is a piece of open source software, licensed under GNU AGPL 3.0 or later.

If ready for public use, source code would be available on GitHub.